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1960's frewway.JPG

Raised in Southern California – where cars are ubiquitous, necessary, sexy – I was always on the road with my family. Often driving from Ventura to The Valley, or going on some road trip vacation. Trapped in the backseat of my parents ’68 Impala station wagon, I would stare out the window, watching all the cars go by and wonder who was driving them, and where were they all going. I have always been drawn to the lines, colors and back stories of these modern work horses. So, it seems obvious to me now why I use car parts as my primary material. Scouring junk yards, body shops and the vast California deserts, I gather materials and haul them back to my studio. Cutting, combining, and arranging these discarded car parts – hoods, doors, fenders – I build paintings, creating low relief wall pieces. The arrangement of the individual parts on my canvases mirror the cars and trucks on the highways where the chaotic acts of people moving from one location to another coalesce into uniform patterns. Each individual piece rich with their own stories. This is my obsession; turning chaos into order and imagining the stories these parts could tell.

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